Denise Welch, Prens Andrew saygısız dedi.

Denise Welch, Prens Andrew saygısız dedi.

On yesterday’s September 5 Loose Women, Denise, 61, spoke about the conversation she had with Prince Andrew that left her stunned.

The ITV panellist said she had been talking to Andrew about the late Princess Diana but the prince’s comments were ‘disrespectful’ and ‘really upset’ her.

Denise explained that she was at a royal gala alongside ex-husband Tim Healey and 20 others for their work at the now-closed young people’s charity The Western Spirit.

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The former Coronation Street actress added that she was sat close to Prince Andrew and had decided anekdot to talk about Princess Diana at the event.


Denise told the panel: ‘Myself and this cricketer, who I won’t name, had made a decision not to mention Princess Diana because she had only recently died.

‘I have never met Diana but loved her so much as was mortified when she died, like many people.

‘Anyway, Prince Andrew was very keen to talk about her and he brought it up.

‘He started to say things that really, really upset me, things that were to me very disrespectful to somebody he shouldn’t have been sharing this information with.’

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Adding that the royal then went on to make a rude comment about Denise to her ex-husband, she continued: ‘Back in the day, I liked a vodka or two, and all I can say is he got up to leave, walked around to the top of the table, put his hand on my then-husband’s shoulder and said, ‘Rather you than me, sir.’”

The audience were heard gasping, as a shocked Nadia asked: ‘Because you told him how you felt?’

Denise continued: ‘I absolutely did tell him how I felt! I was very, very cross.’

The news comes as the Loose Women celebrate their 20th anniversary this week.

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