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Choosing The Best Lenses For Your Spectacles – The Beginner’s Guide

Eyeglasses are incomplete without lenses, and if you’ve ever wondered why some are better, then here’s your sure shot guide to choosing the best lenses for your spectacles.

Lenses are mainly made with the personalised power, with your cylindrical or spherical power as well as Axis and if required progressive/bifocal power. When you visit a store or try to shop branded eyewear online in India, you will be shown multiple brands and types of lenses. In most cases, these are divided into four to five main ones- Glass, plastic, polycarbonate, photochromaic, and High index and aspheric.

Glass Lenses:-

Glass is definitely one of the best lens material that is highly scratch resistant and is pocket friendly. These are still used largely in rural and less developed areas in order to provide vision care. While, scratch resistance is a great virtue, it becomes troublesome for higher prescription strengths. Most optical stores, local optical resellers have these lenses.

Plastic Lenses:-

These lenses are, as the name suggests, made from plastic. These are light; they are thinner than glass and lighter. For people who hate wearing glass because of weight, they look out for plastic ones. These are lighter as well as easier to use on a daily basis.

Polycarbonate Lenses:-

Polycarbonate ones are known for their strength and their durability. These are harder than the plastic and are shatter proof. Polycarbonate ones are made from the material used for bullet proof glass and are more scratch prone than Glass but lesser than usual plastic. These are thinner than plastic and are used to make daily use eyeglasses. GKB Opticals, the leading online optical store in India, provides great polycarbonate ones, as well as High Index ones, as we have explained afterwards.

Photochromatic Lenses:-

These lenses have a middle layer, which is filled with a UV sensitive dye, which turns darker as they are hit with sunlight. In the day light, when a person steps out he is exposed to the UV light and they turn dark. The more light that hits the lenses, the more dark they become. These are perfect for people who want the protection of a Sunglass but hate to carry another eyewear when heading out.

High Index Lenses:-

The High Index Lenses are very thin, and are easier to wear for high prescription wearers. They provide lesser thickness to your glasses, giving better aesthetic value and can be fit in a number of new age frames. High Index ones come in 1.67 and 1.74 index values. Seiko provides great high index lens that are also available in high powers.

Aspheric Lenses:-

Aspheric Lenses are made with a unique design, which provides a more flat appearance to your lens. The product uses flatter curves; they are significantly thinner and are lighter too. These lenses are great for high powered lens requirements and for people who are suffering from astigmatism

Top 5 Trending Styles of Spectacles you Need for 2017

Eyeglasses used to be looked upon as geeky accessories that lacked fashion and style. Either they were very sophisticated or too simple as eyewear. The eyewear industry could not stay away from the influence of evolving fashion trends. So today, you will find numerous styles in eyeglasses and unbeatable designs. Young fashionistas are experimenting with quirky frames and enjoying them more than sunglasses. With the arrival of 2017, fresh styles have hit the market already. Browse through the range and shop amongst these 5 key designs in spectacles available online.

Hipster Square Glasses

Glasses with square silhouettes are hipster glasses. These are the best and versatile eyeglass frames for men and women. Ideal for creative people as they make the wearer, stand out of the crowd. If you want to get a geeky hipster look, choose oversized thick frames.

Pilot Eyeglasses

Most popular silhouette and a classic one. Loved by both men and women, pilot eyeglass frames are perfect for all the year round. They complement most of the face shapes and very popular as sunglasses. Find them in metal frames and varied colors in lenses.

Cat-Eye Glasses

These are women’s favorite shapes in eyeglasses. More than sunglasses, cat-eye frames are rocking as eyeglasses. They give a more powerful and playful look to the wearer. Cat-eye glasses have made a comeback and today, the designs that you will find are more towards retro.

Round Glasses

Gandhian style glasses inspire this style. Not meant for round face shapes, as they tend to make the wearer’s face, more round. They are perfect for both men and women with square and rectangular face shapes. Choose according to your face shape to enhance your appearance.

Oversized Eyeglasses

Bigger than regular eyeglasses, oversized glasses are back with a bang. Personal favorites of celebrities around the globe, they look very glamorous and make a bold fashion statement. This style is dominating and unisex. Oversized frames are already popular in sunglasses and now they have gained all the attention as prescription glasses. A dual-tone frame is recommended for a casual winter look.

These are the top five kinds of stylish spectacles that are in vogue and you must own if you have not yet. You can buy these stylish eyeglasses frames online available.  So, head online and start indulging in spectacle online shopping.

Perfect Outfit Ideas with Knee High Boots

You can make yourself look awesome by having little changes to the outfits. Little tweaks can provide an extra edge to the outfit and look beautiful. You do not always have to go and buy new things to look extraordinary because you can get creative and innovative with everything you have and make them look fresh at no cost. Here, in this article, I’m going to discuss perfect outfit ideas to wear with knee high boots.

Straight Leg Jeans

Wearing ladies knee high boots with skinny jeans is easy as they can easily be tucked inside the boots, but if you are not a fan of skinny jeans and like wearing straight leg jeans, then you can have a problem while wearing high boots. You may think that tucking them in the boots, but you can’t. You need to simply fold the jeans upwards and wear long socks before putting on the long boots. With the help of this little trick, you can avoid ugly bunching up, and you will look smart and stylish.

Midi Skirt

A plaid, button down shirt is a perfect combination to wear with midi skirt and knee high boots. You can make the outfit look more elegant by using a simple trick. You just need to tie a knot in the middle, and it will help in showing off a polished and smart look. Tying a knot is easy, all you need to do is to undo the three buttons from the bottom and tie the tail of the shirt into a knot. You can wear a turtleneck under the plaid shirt.

Ladies Belt

Layering in an excellent way of looking fashionable, especially if it is chilly outside. Putting on too many layers can make you look a little bulky, but there is a solution to that problem. You can look smart in layers by adding just a belt. It helps in putting the whole look together. The addition of the belt makes you look smart. Complete the look with knee high boots on.

Denim Pants

Denim pants are stylish outfit choice, and you can always choose to wear them as they are. But there is always a simple upgrade that can make the look better. Ankle cuffs are an excellent way of showing off your footwear such as ankle boots cut out. You should choose the right technique by considering the types of pants you are wearing because you can use ankle cuffs on all kinds of jeans.

Baggy Dress

If you have a shapeless dress, then you should come up with a styling hack because it hides your shape and gives you a flat look. You can change the outlook of the dress by knotting it in the middle. You need to gather all the extra fabric and tie it in a knot, and it will totally transform the dress. Wear it with knee high boots to make it more stylish. It is an easy procedure as all you need to do is to turn the dress inside out, take a 2-inch section in the middle, twist the first layer and tie it into a knot.

Here at Saute Style , we assure you that you’ll get the most reliable and competitive service in the fashion industry! We proudly admit that we provide you best ladies fashion ware.

6 Most Popular Types Of T-Shirts For Men

T-Shirts have for long been a wardrobe staple for men. The ever-changing trends in the world of fashion have ensured that the interest in this clothing never dies. While some people would tell you that there aren’t enough options available in this form of clothing, we would like to differ to this ignorantly false notion. Given the fact that we are approaching towards the summer, it’s somewhat essential to know about all the options available in terms of men’s clothing. The different fabrics and styles available for men are vast. In the following list, we try to cover some of the different types of t-shirts for men.

Polo T-Shirt :

Trending for about 100 years now, polo t-shirts have always been received well by men, and for good reason. Initially worn by tennis players, the polo t-shirts bring form and functionality by prioritizing comfort. The cotton fabric known for its sweat soaking ability makes it perfect for summers. Pair these up with dress pants for a semi-formal look or shorts for a more casual occasion.

Graphic T-Shirt :

With the trademark, Joker eyes and smile right on the chest, it’s sure gonna catch the attention of all the “Dark Knight” fanboys. This round neck t-shirt exhibits great comfort to go with its eye-catching design. You can pair it up with light blue denim for that boy next door look. However, a pair of men’s capri will also go well with the look!

Hooded T-Shirt :

Traditionally associated with thick sweaters, hoodies can now be worn in summers too. Hooded t-shirts not only give you an unconventional style but also an option of a hood on a sunny day if you choose so.

It works great for people of all shapes and sizes. Pair these with dark blue denims and you are good to go.

Pocket T-Shirt :

Looking for a t-shirt with a pocket? If yes, then a striped tee shirt with a front pocket is an ideal pick for you. Upgrade your drawer with this long sleeved slim-fit cotton t-shirt. Popular amid fitness enthusiasts, others shouldn’t shy away as well. Wear these with jeans and sneakers and it’ll for sure be your weekend go to in no time.

V-Neck T-Shirt :

Looking for the plain white t’s? No, we aren’t not talking about the American rock band but an actual plain white t-shirt. Well we’ve got just the right thing for you. This cotton V-neck t-shirt isn’t short of quality either.Pair this up with slim-fit jeans and sneakers while you’re ready to amaze the world with your unmatched fashion sense!

Henley T-Shirt :

Traditionally worn as uniforms in England, these shirts have become immensely popular in recent times. For fashion enthusiasts Henley t-shirts are a must have. With a round neckline coupled with a few buttons, these shirts give a different look and also help you stand out. Pair these up with denim and sneakers for a smart look.

Endless Charm Of Long Skirts Amidst Women Of All Ages

The lengths of the long skirts are a sign of sheer sophistication. The longer lengths to look strong and fresh whether you wear them with lace-up booties or ankle-strap heels. The designers today have come up with some classic designs of long skirts which enhance the beauty of women even more. You can choose your long skirt depending upon the occasion for which you need it. Poly cotton skirts are perfectly suited for casual and cool look. Whereas, for heavier look, you can go for embroidered or chiffon skirts.

With the arrival of summer, cotton skirts find their way in the wardrobe of many ladies. Maxi skirts are the latest trends of today. This apparel is easy to style and has a super feminine and versatile look. Each year the designers keep bringing new styles and fashion in maxi skirts. When you go for long maxi skirts online shopping, you are surely getting amazed by the collection of latest skirts for the new season. Maxi skirts paired up with heels are a perfect look and an evening outing or any other casual gathering. Pick any color of skirt you love and pair it up with a blazer or a simple t-shirt and your chic look is ready.

For special occasion designer long skirts can be teamed up with crop tops to get the perfect ethnic look. High-waisted long skirts designs look extremely elegant and classy when combined with crop tops. Off shoulder and floral crop tops paired with long flairy net long skirt is ideal to be worn for any outing. Nowadays, embroidered high slit kurtas and skirt set are in fashion. This combination is known as the indo-western style and looks great on women of all ages. So, even you feel that you are not comfortable in those small t-shirts or crop tops then this trend is ideal for you. They are available in different shades and prints and can be worn for any occasion.

Many women are in love with denim skirts and leather pencil skirts which deliver the perfect skinny look. For a sporty look, you can team up your skirt and top with a pair of white sneakers and trendy sunglasses which deliver an ideal look for the hot summer. You can find many reputed brands of long skirts available in the e-stores. Tank tops also look great with a long maxi skirts. If you know how to style it properly, long skirts make you look taller and are incredibly comfortable.

Gym Wear — Comfortable & Sexy

We’re three months into 2017, and so far you’ve kept up with your New Year’s resolution to work on your fitness. Whether you’re practising for that marathon you’ve always dreamed of running, or simply getting in the habit of taking brisk walks around the neighbourhood, it’s time to ditch the old sweatshirt you’ve had since college and lunge your way into the world of fashionable athletics!

For those just starting out on your fitness journey — interested in keeping active but not about to start your mornings at 6 a.m. flipping over monster truck tires in the name of strength-training — getting clothes that are adaptive to different environments is crucial. First, you’re going to need to invest in a pair of breathable leggings or pants, so look for fabrics such as Lycra, nylon or spandex. In addition to making your derrière look amazing, they’re known to dry quicker than cotton, which is a big no-go for anyone preparing to work up a sweat. Modern leggings come in a variety of colours and patterns, so whether you’d like to stick with a neutral to match many different tops, or go with a psychedelic print to showcase your personality, there is no shortage of options to suit your style.

Next, we need to address issues above-the-waist: tops and bras. If looking good is feeling good, then it’s time to ditch the old tattered t-shirt. Racerback tank tops are often designed to allow your skin to breathe, and to allow a greater range of motion for those of you into yoga or Pilates. As a bonus, many come with a bra built into the shirt, thereby eliminating an expense and extra fabric during your sweat session. For those of you uncomfortable showing your arms or clavicle, a high-neck t-shirt (short-sleeved or long) can still be cute and comfortable, provided it is fitted to your body. After all, no one benefits from dressing in a potato sack while jogging on a treadmill or running to meet friends for coffee.

Now, some of us may need a little more than just “moral support” when we workout, hence the beloved sports bra. Sports bras are often designed to fit into one of three categories: low-impact (for yoga or stretching), medium-impact (for light jogging or brisk walking), and high-impact (for marathons, CrossFit, or surviving in a post-apocalyptic society). The right bra can make all the difference in your workout, so choose something you’re comfortable in, but that also makes you feel good. Ideally, you want “the girls” to be held in place, but not smashed down, so make sure you take a few deep breaths when trying one on to make sure you get optimal oxygen supply (doing a few jumping jacks doesn’t hurt either).

It’s never too late to start looking great, so leap, walk, lunge and sprint into your fitness goals in style!


Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Preview

Alright ladies, the snow is melting, the margaritas are mixing, and seagulls are returning to their favourite beaches to prey on unsuspecting sunbathers who smell like coconut oil. As the cold chill of winter melts away to reveal springtime flowers and greener grass, fashion perks up to brighten your wardrobe like a freshly watered daffodil.

Speaking of flowers, they’re once again back on the runways of Canadian designers, from Jennifer Torosian’s floral-accented jackets and skirts to Lucian Matis’ evening wear dresses. Florals are the staple of many spring collections, as well as a classic piece that can be worn at any age and found at any price point.

Many women believe wearing florals is a big fashion no-no past the age of 40. There’s a flawed belief that flowers, like pearls, make women appear “older” or “more mature.” To that I say, if the flowers are making you seem older, you’re picking the wrong bouquet. Many Canadian designers (like the two previously mentioned) have modernized the flower into bold art printed on fabric, as well as brought classic silhouettes into the present. When adding florals to your wardrobe, stay away from pastel-coloured flowers, especially if they’re appliquéd or printed onto a white fabric, which can age even a teenager. Instead, look for pieces with higher necklines or longer hemlines that offer bold colours to stand out inside the blooming season of spring.

Sparkle & Shine
For those who are looking to really stand out in the summer sunshine, good news — metallics are coming back in time for picnics by the lake, garden parties with colleagues, or sunsets with the grandkids. Seen dominantly in Greta Constantine’s collection, sparkle and metal are for the woman who’s not afraid of being bold and riding on the edge of fashion. From a shimmering belt to a full-on sequinned dress, this trend can be adapted for those who want to dip a toe in those glittery waters, or those who want to dive straight in.

The fear many women express with metallics is usually two-fold: either it will look “too young,” or it will look “cheap.” The trick to wearing mature metallics is to seek out clothing that offers fuller coverage. If you are going to seek out a shiny top, look for a shirt that is somewhat looser fitting, with a matte metallic finish. If you’d prefer to rock the trend from the waist down, a bold metallic skirt can liven up any outfit, and can be a bit more dramatic than a shirt (since there’s no risk of it casting reflections onto your face). Ensure the hemline is no shorter than the tops of your knees, and stick to pencil skirts to keep it classy.

Trench Coats
With warmer weather comes an age-old fashion dilemma: it’s still too chilly to go outside with a mere sweater, but your comfy winter coat is beginning to roast you to a medium-rare. Fortunately, designers are already ahead of this problem, and the bomber jackets of 2016 have turned into the reimagined trench coats of 2017.

Unlike the black trend of these coats that dominated the 2016 winter fashion scene, these springtime versions are now lighter in colour and longer in length, favouring asymmetry, oversized shoulders, and tons of personality. Seen on the runways of Michael Kors and Balenciaga, these taupe trenches make the perfect jacket to keep you at a cozy temperature this season (as well as keeping you dry if you get caught in springtime rain).

When it comes to styling yourself into these trendy pieces, proportion is key. What is the length of your trench coat? How long are the sleeves? The shoulders? In order to avoid looking like a walking marshmallow, stick to thinner pieces of clothing under your coat in order to keep your silhouette sleek and streamlined. If sporting a slimmer coat with a shorter hemline, make sure that any skirt or dresses you wear are at least a couple of inches longer than where the jacket ends to avoid appearing as though the trench coat is your only item of clothing.

Due to the light, neutral colour of these jackets, they can be paired with nearly any colour, allowing for a ton of possibilities for your wardrobe. If you’re feeling sassy, pair it with brights such as a coral statement necklace or heels. If you prefer the more subdued look, opt for a darker or lighter neutral (like white or chocolate brown) dress or pants. If you’re debating to add silver or gold jewellery, choose gold to really pick up those undertones in your new piece of outerwear.
Elegant and effortless, keep calm and look cool this spring in a trench coat!

Warmer winds are right around the corner, and with these three trends, you’ll be sure to skip into style this spring and summer!

Choose fashion trends that boost your body confidence

Twice a year, New York Fashion Week turns media attention to runways, bright lights, style heavy-hitters and of course, to-die-for collections.

And twice a year, the underlying story of these events is how those models manage to stay so thin, and whether their size is a reasonable idea of beauty.

My philosophy around taking care of my own body is pretty simple: I believe in eating more vegetables than French fries overall, drinking lots of water and sweating for at least 30 minutes a day, whether it’s from running or scrubbing the bathroom floor. I do not believe in consuming hard drugs or munching on cotton balls to curb hunger, two tactics of many that were described to fashion reporters this week.

I recognize that my commitment to exclusively external use of cotton balls might mean I don’t look awesome in every trend, and that’s fine. It’s also fine that even though I accept my body for what it is and encourage everyone else to do the same, I still don’t want two enormous pouches of fabric on the sides of a pencil skirt making my hips look bigger than they actually are.

We all have body qualms, even people who are naturally very thin. And we all have that one fashion trend haunting our shopping trips, the thing that accentuates the body issue we’re trying to ignore. I’ve laid out a few common culprits below and some alternatives that you’ll be more confident wearing, because great style is not reserved for people with “ideal” bodies, whatever that means.

This week I read an article from Refinery 29 on Ikram Goldman, owner of the upscale Chicago boutique Ikram, who’s kind of a big deal in the fashion world. She had this to say about personal style: “Be comfortable in your own skin, and your style will come out. You’ll be fabulous in whatever you’re wearing.”

The body qualm: You’re not all that keen on calling attention to your hips and butt.

The problem trend: Peplum skirts

The fix: Peplum shirts

Naturally, I’m starting with one that I can relate to. In fact, I related to it two days ago when I tried on a sheath dress in Target that had ruffle around the waist of truly unfortunate placement and length. I actually thought to myself, “This IS a brand new Target…maybe there used to be an amusement park in here and this particular mirror is leftover from the funhouse?” The somewhat more likely explanation, though, is that a peplum skirt just doesn’t do what I want it to do for my body. Enter the peplum shirt, which appears to be overtaking the peplum skirt in popularity this season anyway. You can go with a structured choice in a thicker fabric, or a more laid-back, subtler peplum top like the lace one from Anthropologie. I love the boatneck and three-quarter sleeves, both of which are slimming and balance out the added volume on the bottom half.

The body qualm: Your thighs aren’t as toned as they could be.

The problem trend: Colored jeans

The fix: Colored trousers or printed jeans

Colored jeans are often made of a thinner, more stretchy denim, which makes some wearers’ legs look “lumpy,” even if the jeans fit. To add insult to injury, they tend to run small, and nobody’s fond of not being able to squeeze into her regular size in the dressing room. With colored, cropped trousers, the fabric is thicker and the fit slightly looser. If you’re set on denim, try darker printed jeans, perhaps navy with white polka dots or a fall floral.

The body qualm: You’re nearly a foot shorter than a runway model.

The problem trend: Maxi skirts

The fix: High-low skirts

This is a fairly self-explanatory problem, and one that there’s not much of a solution to except buying petite if you can or getting a maxi skirt hemmed. If both of these seem like too much work, a hem that’s short in the front and long in the back is trendy this season and more likely to accommodate your frame.

The body qualm: You want to tone down your large chest, just a little – the grass is always greener.

The problem trend: Peter Pan collar

The fix: Embellished or embroidered necklines

This is no more than a feat of optical illusion. A Peter Pan collar is very dainty, so when it sits right above your chest, it’s likely to make it look that much bigger in contrast. Embellishments or embroidery on sweaters, on the other hand, typically reach from shoulder to shoulder. When your focal point is wider, your chest looks smaller.

How to Get Cash Back for Shopping Online

Are you earning money shopping online? You can get a percentage of your purchases returned to you as cash back when you complete your purchase with one of the top 3 websites.

Depending on how many purchases you make online with one of these websites, combined with using online coupons or promo codes, you can save meaningful cash if not thousands of dollars each year.

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This may sound too good to be true, but if you do a lot of online shopping you can easily make yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year by shopping with one of these websites.

What Are Cash Back Websites?
They are websites designed to receive commissions from the retailers they work with in exchange for directing consumers to their websites. Most sites will give a fraction or percentage of this commission back to you for shopping online.

How It Works

To ensure you get the most money back every time you purchase something online, simply sign in to your account at one of the best cash back websites, first and then click through to the store you want to shop at. You will earn money back on every purchase you make, whether you are booking a vacation or searching for new clothes, at your favorite store online.

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You can also share the gift of shopping rewards. When you refer your friends, family and coworkers, you’ll receive special cash bonuses. Plus your friends will get a cash bonus too after their first purchase. It’s a win-win and free money.

The top shopping portal website, Ebates was founded in 1998. Their websites have paid over $325 million in cash to its members.

How Ebates Works
Ebates earns a commission when a shopping session is initiated through their website. They share a percentage of the commission with its members in the form of money back. Members are paid quarterly via check or through PayPal. They will send payment for purchases posted during the previous quarter. But if you’ve earned less than $5.01, they’ll carry over your money to the next check. They pay on time like clock work.

Simply make you purchases through the shopping portals, and earn money back at your favorite stores. How? The stores pay the web sites a fee when you shop there. These sites then share that fee directly with you – it’s just that easy.

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You join the cash back websites for free. The sign-up to get started is a very simple process and you can start shopping and earning cash back as soon as you sign-up.

You’ll find it extremely fun and financially rewarding by shopping online at the top cash back websites

Who doesn’t like free money?

The Top Fashion Trends Of 2017

The one thing that never goes out of fashion is fashion itself! Trends come and go, but the one thing that never goes out of trend is style. Thus, to keep you stylish and in trend, given below are some trends for women to flaunt in 2017.

Shirt Dresses – One of the trends of 2017 that has taken the fashion world by a storm happen to be shirt dresses. This year, shirts are back in a new avatar – the shirt dress. There are various cuts and styles that are available – drop waists, high slits, asymmetrical hemlines, mandarin collar – it embodies everything. Shirt dresses are just the right thing if you want to be quirky yet elegant.

Long Vests – Long vests are back in style and how! One of the reasons that long vests are a favourite of all is because it has a slimming effect on the body and hence, is appreciated by many. These can be worn with almost everything – for a sporty look, teaming it up with a smart top and shorts works wonders. Teaming long vests with plain tops and jeans also works very well. This is one item that can be paired off with anything and this is why, they are back in trend!

Capes – Chuck out the shrugs and jackets because this year, it is the cape that is ruling the roost. Capes very much resemble a poncho and it is because of the look that it has become an instant favourite of all. Capes are best when bought in neutral colours and worn with above the knee boosts. So make sure you get a cape this season!

Kimono styled trench coats – This is something of a cross between a kimono and a coat. It is this cross that is grabbing the eyeballs of many and is making a fashion statement everywhere. Wear it with shorts or jeans, dresses or skirts, the kimono – jacket goes with all!

Sporty look – Gone are the laces and frills. It is time to sport the sporty look. Tennis skirts, gym shorts, plimsolls are back in trend and how. Top it off by tying a top knot and you will get the perfect sporty look.

Make sure you follow all these trends and remain in style!