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Ways in Which Food is Important

Food is a basic need for every individual which is why it is normally insisted that there should be ways that every individual . There are many different types and sources of food. One of the examples of food is the foods that are rich in proteins which are essential for the body building reasons.

The following are the reasons why each and every person should have food on their table in their life. Foods which are rich in proteins are generally important in ensuring that the human body undergoes growth and development and thus it is essential for consumption by every human being.

Food that is rich in carbohydrates such as maize meals, rice, potatoes, wheat and wheat products, and sugary foods such as chocolates, sugar, honey and sugary fruits are very important for the functioning of the body because when consumed the provides the body with energy and from that we can be able to do any work that requires energy even for longer period of time.

Food is also very important because ensures that the body is resistant to diseases such as marasmus that result from the body lacking carbohydrates.

Foods such as milk, fatty meat, and cheese when consumed, the body has a characteristic that helps to store the nutrients from those food in the body in the form of fats and the body uses them to produce energy which is why even when you fail to it for several days but you had been eating food rich in fats and oils, you are likely not to starve immediately and this means that fats and oils are very important food for the body.

Another reason why medium chain fatty acid rich foods are important is that they are easily broken down when consumed and thus they are used in the feeding of infants to enhance their growth and give them energy which is important.

Another type of food that is very essential for the body is vitamins because they ensure that body functioning and metabolic activities of the body are facilitated. Foods that are rich in iron are very important in the formation of blood and blood tissues.

In order to stay healthy, we need all of the above mentioned food and in the right quantities plus the drinking of plenty of water.

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