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Tips for Choosing a Cosmetic Beauty Clinic

Before the Internet age, people who wanted cosmetic enhancements went to their GP to get a referral to a reputable practitioner. Nowadays, of course, Google has become the number one port of call. While this is the most convenient way to find a cosmetic beauty clinic, it’s not always the best.

The problem with the web is that even the flashiest beauty clinic website does not indicate the level of expertise and experience that the cosmetic professionals behind it have. You have to look beyond the web design and copy to know more about the practitioner you’re planning to see.

As always, research is key. But when you do your research on the Internet, verify the information before taking it as a fact. For instance, it’s good to join community-based forums, but there are instances where they will be biased for or against a specific practitioner. Therefore, you have to stick to reputable consumer websites when reading about people’s comments or reviews on the different clinics you may be considering. And remember that while other people’s stories of their experiences can help you reach a smart decision, they shouldn’t be the sole basis for your decision.

So if aimlessly wandering around online is not an option, what’s a better way of searching for a good cosmetic beauty clinic? If you check around, you will easily find several online cosmetic surgery directories that all promise to match you with the most suitable clinic for your needs. That sounds great, but the problem with these directories is that most of them don’t really screen the practitioners and clinics they list, especially in terms of regulatory compliance. Therefore, before you take any directory’s recommendations seriously, make sure they only list practitioners whose qualifications have been verified, especially where national regulatory certification is needed.

If you’re planning on a face lift, tummy tuck or any surgical procedure, the practitioner should have “FRCS(Plast)” after their name, indicating they are qualified to perform plastic surgery. Ideally, they should also be on the General Medical Council (GMC) specialist register. Also check the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons’ website to look for a surgeon who specializes in the particular procedure you want. Private cosmetic beauty clinics in England must be inspected by and registered with the Care Quality Commission, so check out your prospective clinic’s certification and inspection reports on the CQC website.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a non-surgical procedure, like dermal fillers, laser treatments, etc. the variety of options you have is much bigger. Remember that these procedures may require the expertise of certain professionals, like nurses or doctors, or specially trained personnel, like aestheticians or beauty therapists. What you want is a clinic with the right professionals for the treatment you want.

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