What to Look For in a Sports Medicine Kit

The field of sports medicine is always changing. It requires an understanding not just of common sports injuries and basic pharmacology, but also keeping up with constant advances in technology. Any coach or athlete engaged in home training needs to know that they are protected, which is why professionals in the field have created pre-arranged sports medicine kits.

When choosing what kit to buy, be sure to consider what types of injuries or ailments are most likely to occur in the course of training. Most advanced kits come with interchangeable accessories, but every kit should include a few basic items. Be sure any kit being custom designed or purchased includes exam gloves to avoid any potential contact with bodily fluids. Gauze pads, bandages, sterilizing wipes, antibiotic ointment, and medical tape are all essential for treating scrapes, cuts, and abrasions.

Those who are likely to experience muscle injuries should include medical-grade wraps, gauze rolls, cold packs, coolant cold sprays, and other supplies for treating sprains. Braces and splints are also helpful in the event of serious injuries, although it’s best to advise any athlete not to put weight on a potentially broken extremity and to immediately call a hospital should any broken bones occur.

When it comes to choosing a bag to carry the sports medicine kit, be sure to choose one that will help keep everything organized. It should include different pockets, and ideally all supplies should be visible when it is open. Mesh pockets and clear plastic pockets can help facilitate this goal. Make sure the bag opens fully so that everything can be accessed easily and packed back up without a hassle as well. The exterior should be rugged enough to handle the elements, and all handles and zippers should be built to last. The last thing any athlete wants when they are injured is to watch a coach or trainer struggle with a broken zipper as he or she is sitting on the ground in pain or unable to return to the game.

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