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How Is Saliva Important to Your Mouth Healthy Saliva is a clear liquid that is produced in the mouth of animals. It helps the human in a variety of ways. Saliva lubricates the mouth, the tongue, the teeth and therefore keeps them healthy. There are enzymes present in saliva that start the chemical digestion of food. It also moisturizes and soften food making it easy to chew and swallow. Also present are proteins that protect the teeth, and gum from infection be bacteria and viruses. When the food substances are softened, mechanical injury to the mouth is prevented. The saliva level in the mouth is very important in keeping the mouth healthy. The salivary glands in the mouth are responsible for the production of saliva. There are six major salivary glands and several other small glands. The amount of saliva considered optimal cannot be pegged against a certain volume as various factors comes into play. There is uniqueness to each person and the optimal saliva levels will differ from person to person. Having a well moisturized mouth is the most reliable measure of adequate saliva content. If you are not producing adequate amount of saliva, you develop a condition known as dry mouth. The dry mouth can make someone uncomfortable. It can also cause loss of taste sensation. There is mutual influence between the taste glands and the salivary glands. If less saliva is produced, the taste glands will find it difficult to discern tastes. If the taste glands are not fully functional, the slavery glands do not produce enough saliva. Dry mouth makes it easy for one to develop infections. By slightly keeping the mouth environment alkaline, it keeps the bacteria and virus off. Bacteria and virus finds a mouth environment that is dry. There is increased rate of teeth decay and periodontal diseases as the pathogens multiply. The salivary is very important in removal of food partials from the teeth. There is increased chances of food particles sticking to the teeth for dry mouth. With high presence of pathogens and food particles to feed them, your mouth health is jeopardized. Foul smell also develops to persons with dry mouth.
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It is, therefore, important to ensure that you have adequate saliva. Increasing water intake will go a long way to ensuring that you produce enough saliva. Too much of alcohol and diuretics should be avoided. You should talk with your doctor about the medication you take since some might be contributing to dry mouth. If the natural solutions won’t solve your problem, you can take the artificial saliva. This is a clear liquid meant to keep your mouth moist and healthy. The liquid does not, however, contain enzymes and proteins.
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Excess saliva is not a major problem to many people. This is because the extra saliva is easily swallowed without effort.