Tips for Choosing a Wedding Gown

A bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day, which typically means choosing just the right dress. With all the options available, Choosing a Wedding Gown can be a bit overwhelming for some people. Doing a little research and preparation before going shopping can help minimize the risk and make it more likely you’ll find the perfect dress.

Learn What You Like

Before even going to a bridal store, look through bridal magazines or websites and gather examples of dresses that you like. Then you can look to see what these dresses have in common. Bring the example pictures with you when you go to your appointment to give the consultant a good idea of what you’re looking for.

Consider the Ceremony

While you might love a heavy taffeta gown, if the weather is hot it won’t be comfortable. Likewise, if you’ll be having a church ceremony, you’ll want to make sure that the gown is appropriate to the location. An informal beach wedding usually requires a very different dress from a formal church wedding.

Have a Budget

Make sure you know how much you have available to spend on the dress, then be aware that you need to set aside some of this money for accessories, like the shoes, veil, and jewelry, and set some aside for any potential alterations, rush fees, shipping fees or other unforeseen expenses. Tell the consultant your absolute top price and don’t try on anything above this price. You don’t want to fall in love with a dress you can’t afford to actually purchase.

Start With the Shape

Once you get to your appointment, start by asking to try on a dress in each of the major wedding dress silhouettes, as this will give you a good idea which work and which don’t for your body type. Ball gowns can be overwhelming on smaller individuals, for example, and sheath dresses often look best on tall and thin women. Picking a silhouette will quickly narrow down the options. Then you can deal with the other details, such as the sleeve length, the neckline, the dress length and the embellishments.

Be Open

Most importantly, be open and try on even dresses that don’t look great on the hanger, as they may look great on you. Also, understand the sizing is smaller, so don’t worry if you need a dress a couple sizes larger than normal.