Choosing The Best Lenses For Your Spectacles – The Beginner’s Guide

Eyeglasses are incomplete without lenses, and if you’ve ever wondered why some are better, then here’s your sure shot guide to choosing the best lenses for your spectacles.

Lenses are mainly made with the personalised power, with your cylindrical or spherical power as well as Axis and if required progressive/bifocal power. When you visit a store or try to shop branded eyewear online in India, you will be shown multiple brands and types of lenses. In most cases, these are divided into four to five main ones- Glass, plastic, polycarbonate, photochromaic, and High index and aspheric.

Glass Lenses:-

Glass is definitely one of the best lens material that is highly scratch resistant and is pocket friendly. These are still used largely in rural and less developed areas in order to provide vision care. While, scratch resistance is a great virtue, it becomes troublesome for higher prescription strengths. Most optical stores, local optical resellers have these lenses.

Plastic Lenses:-

These lenses are, as the name suggests, made from plastic. These are light; they are thinner than glass and lighter. For people who hate wearing glass because of weight, they look out for plastic ones. These are lighter as well as easier to use on a daily basis.

Polycarbonate Lenses:-

Polycarbonate ones are known for their strength and their durability. These are harder than the plastic and are shatter proof. Polycarbonate ones are made from the material used for bullet proof glass and are more scratch prone than Glass but lesser than usual plastic. These are thinner than plastic and are used to make daily use eyeglasses. GKB Opticals, the leading online optical store in India, provides great polycarbonate ones, as well as High Index ones, as we have explained afterwards.

Photochromatic Lenses:-

These lenses have a middle layer, which is filled with a UV sensitive dye, which turns darker as they are hit with sunlight. In the day light, when a person steps out he is exposed to the UV light and they turn dark. The more light that hits the lenses, the more dark they become. These are perfect for people who want the protection of a Sunglass but hate to carry another eyewear when heading out.

High Index Lenses:-

The High Index Lenses are very thin, and are easier to wear for high prescription wearers. They provide lesser thickness to your glasses, giving better aesthetic value and can be fit in a number of new age frames. High Index ones come in 1.67 and 1.74 index values. Seiko provides great high index lens that are also available in high powers.

Aspheric Lenses:-

Aspheric Lenses are made with a unique design, which provides a more flat appearance to your lens. The product uses flatter curves; they are significantly thinner and are lighter too. These lenses are great for high powered lens requirements and for people who are suffering from astigmatism