Top 5 Trending Styles of Spectacles you Need for 2017

Eyeglasses used to be looked upon as geeky accessories that lacked fashion and style. Either they were very sophisticated or too simple as eyewear. The eyewear industry could not stay away from the influence of evolving fashion trends. So today, you will find numerous styles in eyeglasses and unbeatable designs. Young fashionistas are experimenting with quirky frames and enjoying them more than sunglasses. With the arrival of 2017, fresh styles have hit the market already. Browse through the range and shop amongst these 5 key designs in spectacles available online.

Hipster Square Glasses

Glasses with square silhouettes are hipster glasses. These are the best and versatile eyeglass frames for men and women. Ideal for creative people as they make the wearer, stand out of the crowd. If you want to get a geeky hipster look, choose oversized thick frames.

Pilot Eyeglasses

Most popular silhouette and a classic one. Loved by both men and women, pilot eyeglass frames are perfect for all the year round. They complement most of the face shapes and very popular as sunglasses. Find them in metal frames and varied colors in lenses.

Cat-Eye Glasses

These are women’s favorite shapes in eyeglasses. More than sunglasses, cat-eye frames are rocking as eyeglasses. They give a more powerful and playful look to the wearer. Cat-eye glasses have made a comeback and today, the designs that you will find are more towards retro.

Round Glasses

Gandhian style glasses inspire this style. Not meant for round face shapes, as they tend to make the wearer’s face, more round. They are perfect for both men and women with square and rectangular face shapes. Choose according to your face shape to enhance your appearance.

Oversized Eyeglasses

Bigger than regular eyeglasses, oversized glasses are back with a bang. Personal favorites of celebrities around the globe, they look very glamorous and make a bold fashion statement. This style is dominating and unisex. Oversized frames are already popular in sunglasses and now they have gained all the attention as prescription glasses. A dual-tone frame is recommended for a casual winter look.

These are the top five kinds of stylish spectacles that are in vogue and you must own if you have not yet. You can buy these stylish eyeglasses frames online available.  So, head online and start indulging in spectacle online shopping.