Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Preview

Alright ladies, the snow is melting, the margaritas are mixing, and seagulls are returning to their favourite beaches to prey on unsuspecting sunbathers who smell like coconut oil. As the cold chill of winter melts away to reveal springtime flowers and greener grass, fashion perks up to brighten your wardrobe like a freshly watered daffodil.

Speaking of flowers, they’re once again back on the runways of Canadian designers, from Jennifer Torosian’s floral-accented jackets and skirts to Lucian Matis’ evening wear dresses. Florals are the staple of many spring collections, as well as a classic piece that can be worn at any age and found at any price point.

Many women believe wearing florals is a big fashion no-no past the age of 40. There’s a flawed belief that flowers, like pearls, make women appear “older” or “more mature.” To that I say, if the flowers are making you seem older, you’re picking the wrong bouquet. Many Canadian designers (like the two previously mentioned) have modernized the flower into bold art printed on fabric, as well as brought classic silhouettes into the present. When adding florals to your wardrobe, stay away from pastel-coloured flowers, especially if they’re appliquéd or printed onto a white fabric, which can age even a teenager. Instead, look for pieces with higher necklines or longer hemlines that offer bold colours to stand out inside the blooming season of spring.

Sparkle & Shine
For those who are looking to really stand out in the summer sunshine, good news — metallics are coming back in time for picnics by the lake, garden parties with colleagues, or sunsets with the grandkids. Seen dominantly in Greta Constantine’s collection, sparkle and metal are for the woman who’s not afraid of being bold and riding on the edge of fashion. From a shimmering belt to a full-on sequinned dress, this trend can be adapted for those who want to dip a toe in those glittery waters, or those who want to dive straight in.

The fear many women express with metallics is usually two-fold: either it will look “too young,” or it will look “cheap.” The trick to wearing mature metallics is to seek out clothing that offers fuller coverage. If you are going to seek out a shiny top, look for a shirt that is somewhat looser fitting, with a matte metallic finish. If you’d prefer to rock the trend from the waist down, a bold metallic skirt can liven up any outfit, and can be a bit more dramatic than a shirt (since there’s no risk of it casting reflections onto your face). Ensure the hemline is no shorter than the tops of your knees, and stick to pencil skirts to keep it classy.

Trench Coats
With warmer weather comes an age-old fashion dilemma: it’s still too chilly to go outside with a mere sweater, but your comfy winter coat is beginning to roast you to a medium-rare. Fortunately, designers are already ahead of this problem, and the bomber jackets of 2016 have turned into the reimagined trench coats of 2017.

Unlike the black trend of these coats that dominated the 2016 winter fashion scene, these springtime versions are now lighter in colour and longer in length, favouring asymmetry, oversized shoulders, and tons of personality. Seen on the runways of Michael Kors and Balenciaga, these taupe trenches make the perfect jacket to keep you at a cozy temperature this season (as well as keeping you dry if you get caught in springtime rain).

When it comes to styling yourself into these trendy pieces, proportion is key. What is the length of your trench coat? How long are the sleeves? The shoulders? In order to avoid looking like a walking marshmallow, stick to thinner pieces of clothing under your coat in order to keep your silhouette sleek and streamlined. If sporting a slimmer coat with a shorter hemline, make sure that any skirt or dresses you wear are at least a couple of inches longer than where the jacket ends to avoid appearing as though the trench coat is your only item of clothing.

Due to the light, neutral colour of these jackets, they can be paired with nearly any colour, allowing for a ton of possibilities for your wardrobe. If you’re feeling sassy, pair it with brights such as a coral statement necklace or heels. If you prefer the more subdued look, opt for a darker or lighter neutral (like white or chocolate brown) dress or pants. If you’re debating to add silver or gold jewellery, choose gold to really pick up those undertones in your new piece of outerwear.
Elegant and effortless, keep calm and look cool this spring in a trench coat!

Warmer winds are right around the corner, and with these three trends, you’ll be sure to skip into style this spring and summer!